"Unlimited mixing of FSC and PEFC?
Keurhout provides optimal freedom of action and a practical Chain of Custody"





Summary of the review framework of LET certificates*

The certificates for legal origin (LET certificates) will be carefully reviewed against the criteria of the relevant standards of the Keurhout Protocol on the basis of the underlying documents:

  1. Relevant local legislation and regulations. These must be complied with; this means, inter alia, that the implementing companies are officially registered and perform their obligations, that there is an approved logging plan and logging permits, that logged timber is not wrongly logged in any way and that user rights of local residents are respected.
  2. Inspection by a recognised certification body. The certification institution is independent and accredited, demonstrably meets international guidelines relating to organisation and procedures and possesses the necessary specific forest management expertise.
  3. Effective chain-of-custody. The procedures followed in the transport chain with regard to keeping the timber flows separate must be watertight and transparent and inspected by an independent CB.

* For more details, reference is made to the Keurhout Protocol (version May 15th 2009 ), (English)(pdf, 155 KB).