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Admission and re-validation_old

If the BoE makes a positive decision, an Acceptance Decision and a Validation Report (a public summary) will be drawn up. The relevant parties will be informed of the decision and the Validation Report will be published on the KH-website together with the date of admission.

As of the date of admission of a certificate to the Keurhout-Legal or Keurhout-Sustainable system, certified batches of timber and timber products originating from the related forest unit and traded and processed via the admitted, inspected CoC may, in principle, be traded as Keurhout during the term of the certificate. However, the timber may only be brought onto the market as Keurhout in receiving countries where there is a proper monitoring of the Keurhout CoC and only if the timber is traded by Keurhout participants registered on the KH-website.

After the first admission, Keurhout (the BoE) must be kept informed of the current state of affairs. The admitted producers and companies in the CoC are therefore obliged to send Keurhout a copy of all annual inspection audits.
If an admitted certificate expires, a complete re-evaluation by Keurhout is necessary.

The BoE checks - based on the received information - whether compliance with the requirements of the protocol is still the case. In case of compliance, the admission is automatically continued. In case non-conformities are identified, these shall be closed out within a reasonable time, to be defined by the BoE. Continuing problems may cause suspension or withdrawal of a certificate.

If a certification system is admitted to the KH-Sustainable system, all certificates issued under that system are admitted to the KH-Sustainable system. The admission of the system applies for a period of a maximum of 5 years; thereafter a re-evaluation is required. The admission of certificates issued under the system only applies insofar as those certificates remain valid. Keurhout therefore regularly makes agreements with the managers of admitted systems to regularly update this information.