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Participating in the Keurhout System_old

Companies that physically trade and/or process timber and timber products can become a participant of Keurhout by:

  • annually signing the Keurhout participants contract
  • paying the annual Keurhout participants contributio
  • being certified for the CoC inspection on the basis of the Keurhout Audit Protocol for CoC certification by a certification institution registered with Keurhout.

If these three conditions have been satisfied, the company will be a Keurhout participant and consequently entitled, among others, to sell timber with a Keurhout quality mark and to use the registered logos for on-product labelling. Companies which do not yet or which at any given time do not satisfy all three conditions, are seen as candidate participants without the above-mentioned rights.

Only Keurhout participants or groups of participants have the option of offering certificates and systems to the Board of Experts for review.

The conditions for the CoC inspection are laid down in “Keurhout Audit Protocol for COC certification – Requirements and Guidelines for Participants in the EU’’ ( 3.96 MB).

The admissions audit is followed by annual surveillance audits, which must take place within a period of a maximum of 1 year. Annually 10 percent of the participants is randomly selected and are subject to an additional assessment.

Application for membership/participants contract
Please contact the secretariat of the Keurhout Management Authority:

Mr E.P. Zambon, Secretary,
PO Box 280
6600 AG Wijchen
The Netherlands
Tel. +31(0)24-6454796
Fax: + 31(0)847-144927
E-mail: info@keurhout.nl

CoC certification
For the execution of a CoC inspection in the EU you can contact a certification institution registered with Keurhout.