"Unlimited mixing of FSC and PEFC?
Keurhout provides optimal freedom of action and a practical Chain of Custody"






Keurhout was founded in 1996 with the (financial) support of and in close cooperation with the Dutch government by the business community (trade, processing industry) and trade unions. Until the end of 2003 Keurhout functioned as a foundation. As of 1 January 2004, the services of Keurhout are facilitated by the Royal Netherlands Timber Trade Association (Koninklijke Vereniging Van Nederlandse Houtondernemingen; NTTA).

NTTA performs general management tasks, takes strategic decisions concerning the Keurhout system, takes care of the members administration, establishes the protocols and finances the various components. NTTA thereby  performs as Keurhout Management Authority (KH-MA).

An independent Board of Experts (BoE) is responsible for reviewing certificates and decision-making on applications for admission to the Keurhout system. (KH-Legal and/or KH-Sustainable). Since January 2010 the BoE functions under the wings of the independent Certifying Body SKH. This accredited CB advises the BoE where relevant with respect its functioning, to assure compliance with all relevant accreditation norms

An Appeals Board (AB), which is also independent, has the task of dealing with appeals on admissions or rejections.

Independent certification bodies (CBs) carry out the actual monitoring of the CoC in the EU.