"Unlimited mixing of FSC and PEFC?
Keurhout provides optimal freedom of action and a practical Chain of Custody"





Monitoring of the CoC

Keurhout carefully monitors the processing and trade chain (CoC) from the country of origin into the consumer countries (e.g. the Netherlands or other European countries), until the certified product finally ends up with the end consumer.

The monitoring process of the complete processing chain encompasses, inter alia, marking the trunk, the timber, semi-manufactures and finished products, monitoring the identification of origin and preventing mixing of certified timber with batches of non-certified timber. The system is based on reliable registration of all links in the chain from harvest to finished product. The Keurhout system encompasses both the evaluation of the CoC certification in the country of origin and monitoring of the CoC in consumer countries. Both chains connect perfectly.

In the country of origin the registration of certified timber is executed by the timber producer and every successive link in the chain, both with regard to transport and processing. An independent accredited certification body (CB) will carry out regular inspections. Keurhout evaluates the original application and validates the progress report, from which it is to be demonstrated that the conditions are still satisfied.

In consumer countries the registration of certified timber is executed by the companies participating in Keurhout. These precisely maintain from whom they purchase certified timber, how they process it and to whom they sell it. Due to supervision and monitoring of this process by accredited, independent CBs, Keurhout can provide the guarantee that timber with a legal or sustainable Keurhout Quality mark actually satisfies the conditions for legal or sustainable timber production.

In the framework of  Keurhout-Sustainable (KH-SFM) Keurhout accepts both physical separation and administrative separation (proportionality principle) of certified and non-certified timber flows. In the latter case, part of the timber import is certified and only a related percentage of the product may be sold as 100 % sustainable. Extra requirements are set for the inspection system: a. inspection takes place on the basis of a period of one year; b. the calculated percentage Keurhout in compound product, must be verified by an accredited independent CB; c. mixing may only take place within the same species, product and quality ( ref. Keurhout Audit Protocol for CoC certification) and on condition that the added material meets the requirements of Keurhout, concerning legal origin.

In the framework of Keurhout-Legal (KH-LET), only physical separation is permitted in production countries.