"Unlimited mixing of FSC and PEFC?
Keurhout provides optimal freedom of action and a practical Chain of Custody"






The costs of participation in Keurhout consist of the annual participants contribution and the costs of the CoC inspection by the certifying institution.
The annual contribution for participation in Keurhout is owed to the Royal Netherlands Timber Trade Association (NTTA), the owner of the Keurhout system.
NTTA decided to simplify the Keurhout tariff structure per January 1st 2012 and significantly reduce the cost level. A difference is made now between NTTA members and non-members. The former difference between importing and non-importing companies has been abolished. For companies with a multi-site a flat rate has been established for all subsidiary establishments.
The NTTA has fixed the following amounts for 2012:

Keurhout participants contribution 2012
Establishment type Amount
Individual establishment € 850,-
Main establishment or group manager € 850,-
Subsidiary establishment or group member € 400,-
NTTA member (per establishment) € 200,-
Donor € 250,-

The above contribution facilitates the Keurhout system. For new applications for validation studies by the Keurhout Board of Experts (BoE) separate costs will be billed to the applicant(s).

In addition to the above mentioned costs the (candidate) participant will negotiate with the certification institution on the costs of the CoC inspection. To keep costs down it is recommended to combine the annual audit with a CoC audit for PEFC or FSC or with an ISO audit. The CoC control is entirely settled between the participant and the certification institution.

A multi-site audit is possible for companies with several establishments.

Small companies (maximum 15 fte) may unite as a group under responsibility of a group manager.