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Board of Experts_old

The Board of Experts (BoE) is the body that is responsible for reviewing certificates and/or certification systems against the requirements of 5 Standards of the Keurhout Protocol. The BoE thus offers expertise with regard to the social, ecological, economic and certification aspects of the applications. The BoE is autonomous in its decision-making.

The following disciplines and specific expertises are represented in the BoE: biodiversity, international nature conservation, forest ecology, forestry research, international sustainable forest management, timber harvest, timber processing and trade, CoC management, management systems and certification.

The members of the BoE are appointed on a personal title for a period of 5 years, starting as of 1 January 2004, with the possibility of extension. They come from a sector of groups that have an interest in the activities of Keurhout. The BoE consists of a minimum of 5 people. The current composition is as follows:

Mr. H.H. de Iongh PhD, chairman (expert in biodiversity and local communities, NC-IUCN, U-Leiden)
Prof. F. Bongers (expert in forestry and forest ecology, forest research, Wageningen UR)                                                          
Mr. D. Hortensius (expert in management systems and certification, NEN)
Mr. E. Lammerts van Bueren (expert in forest management, certification and public sector developments, ISAFOR)
Mr. S. Daatselaar (expert in timber sector, market developments, CoC management, timber industry)

The CvD shall be assisted by:

E.P. Zambon,
Secretary of the Keurhout BoE,
PO Box 280,
6600 AG Wijchen - NL
Tel: +31(0)24-6454796     
Fax: +31(0)847-144927     
E-mail: cvd.keurhout@s-for-s.nl