"Unlimited mixing of FSC and PEFC?
Keurhout provides optimal freedom of action and a practical Chain of Custody"






The certificate and system evaluation is carried out by the independent Board of Experts (BoE). Every Keurhout participant or group of participants may present applications for evaluation of certificates to the BoE. This does not involve any additional costs.

The secretariat of the BoE is outsourced to an independent consultancy: Sustainable Forest Services (S-FOR-S) in Wijchen. Applications can be presented for the attention of:
Secretariat Board of Experts Keurhout,
PO Box 280,
6600 AG Wijchen - NL or

The BoE evaluates certificates on the basis of studying the file. At least the following elements are necessary in this respect:

  1. copy of all certificates insofar as applicable (sustainable forest management; legality; CoC in the country of origin; ISO)
  2. copy of the standard used with the certification (principles and criteria)
  3. copy of the full audit report (including annexes) of the certification institution for forest management and CoC
  4. confirmation form for the application for review against the Keurhout Protocol. The BoE treats all documents presented for the validation confidentially. This information will not be made available to third parties for inspection without the written consent of the legal owner of the information.

In case of a system evaluation, not only copies of the documents under 2. and 4. are required, but also:

  1. copy of all relevant system documents
  2. an overview of all valid certificates (FMU and/or CoC), which were issued by the Management Authority
  3. an overview of all Certification Bodies (and their accreditation Status), which are allowed to perform audits for the system; as well as two full audit reports (e.g. Forest Management and/or CoC)

If necessary, the BoE can always request for additional information and/or request for explanation. In case of system evaluation a field study may prove necessary.

All documentation submitted to the BoE,  for the certificate or system evaluation, are subject to the regulations under the Keurhout Participant Agreement. These requirements may be ordered from the secretariat of the Keurhout Management Authority (info@keurhout.nl).