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Certisource-Indonesia admitted to Keurhout-Legal!

Per September 30th 2010 the Keurhout Board of Experts (BoE) has admitted the Certisource-Indonesia Legal Timber system of Certisource to its Keurhout-Legal System.

The Certisource-Indonesia standard is the first standard of Certisource. It is based on general WWF-GFTN guidelines and criteria of a national Indonesian standard for legal timber. The latter was developed by LEI, the Indonesian Eco-labelling Institute, with input from relevant stakeholders and has been approved by the Indonesian Government. The system is designed to verify that timber has been legally produced, acquired and sold by a particular forestry or timber company. The legality-verified timber is traced by certification body Double Helix Tracking Technologies (DoubleHelix) throughout the supply chain, based on a traditional paper-based CoC. An important innovation is that DoubleHelix offers additional DNA tracking to assure the origin and legality of the timber, based on scientific matching of samples taken from each log in the forest and in the sawmill. Another important difference between this system and other legality systems is that it focuses on the trade in one species: merbau (Intsia sp). Whereas the system was originally set up as a batch-based CoC system, over the last year it has included a wider basis concerning the forest concessions. This means that the legality of the management of the complete forest concession (all species and all areas within the concession) is now taken as a basis. The CoC continues to focus on legally certified merbau (but other species might be included in future).

Admission of Certisource-Indonesia
Early 2009 Keurhout participant Kegro Doors applied for an evaluation of the Certisource-Indonesia system against the Keurhout Legal criteria. Between June and November 2009 Certisource a validation study was implemented by the BoE. Although in general the results looked promising by the end of 2009, a major issue had to be solved before the system could be admitted to the KH-Legal system. As both the Certisource–Indonesia system and the implementing organization DoubleHelix were rather new, it was most important that the latter be accredited for its work as a certification body. When by the end of September 2010 the accreditation was achieved, the BoE decided to admit the system to Keurhout Legal.
The admission of Certisource-Indonesia to the Keurhout-Legal System has a validity of 5 years and concerns all Certisource-Indonesia certificates issued after September 30th 2010. This basically means that only certificates issued by the accredited certification body and based on the latest set of Certisource requirements and procedures are valid as KH-Legal.
As DoubleHelix frequently visits the forest concessions and sawmills for surveillance audits, it is expected that within 2-3 month all certified FMU’s and CoC will have been renewed.
The factual admission of specific Certisource-Indonesia certified parties to the KH-Legal System is therefore expected to take place until the end of this year on a case by case basis (as soon as a Certisource-certificate has been renewed by DoubleHelix).

To date the Certisource Indonesia System covers approximately 1.5 million ha of forest, divided over 4 forest concessions in Indonesia. The chain of custody (CoC) actually comprises 4 certificates in producer and trading countries (Indonesia and Australia).
Whereas the addition of the admitted number of CoC certificate holders to Keurhout Legal is limited, the admission is considered important for the market as supply of legally certified merbau has been rather limited so far, while concerns about illegal merbau are high. With the Certisource-Indonesia additions the total certified area covered under Keurhout-Legal amounts to 12.5 million ha, whereas the total admitted number of CoC holders increases to 163 companies. As a result not only the volume of Keurhout-Legal timber will be increased, but also the volume of Keurhout-Sustainable timber level 2 (of which up to 30 % may consist of Keurhout-Legal timber).
All timber processing companies with a Certisource certificate are properly controlled and in compliance with the system’s requirements which does not allow any mixing with non-Certisource certified timber. DoubleHelix verifies compliance at least every 3 months.
Admitted exporting companies in producer countries may request permission to use the Keurhout-Legal logo on-product, in line with the procedures as detailed in the Keurhout-Logo Use Guide.

Information on Certisource and DoubleHelix
Certisource is an international company with headquarters in the UK. Certisource is the system manager of the Certisource system. Double Helix Tracking Technologies functions as certification body and has been accredited by JAS-ANZ. Certisource is a rather new system, which may expand its activities to other countries in future. If so, it will develop new set of standards and procedures, tailor-made to the legal context of the countries in question.